November Space Schedule

Nov. 1 Celestron Nexstar SE Sale Starts!  Get some great Christmas presents for your family with this amazing deal. Learn more HERE

Nov. 3: StarParty! at Irvine Lake! For directions and times please call the store. 1-888-471-9991

Nov. 4: Daylight Saving Time in the USA. Enjoy an extra hour of sleep or stargazing tonight. 

Nov. 8: Nexstar Evolution Sale Starts! Time to get your hands on our most recommended telescopes. Learn More HERE!

Nov. 11: Conjunction of the moon and Saturn. The crescent moon will make a close approach to Saturn in the night sky. Look for them after sunset in the southwest sky. 

Nov. 15: Conjunction of the moon and Mars. The Red Planet and the moon will be less than one degree apart in the night sky. Look for them above the southeast horizon after dusk. 

Nov. 15: Rocket launch Wallops Island, Virginia  at 4:49 a.m. EST  for a cargo delivery mission to the International Space Station. 

Nov. 17-18: The Leonid meteor shower reaches peak.  Get some great time-lapse shots with some astrophotography equipment HERE

Nov. 19: SpaceX Rocket launch from Vandenberg Air Force Base in California.  For Spaceflight's SSO-A rideshare mission.

Nov. 23: Full moon. The Beaver Moon, aka the Frost Moon.

Nov. 27: SpaceX Rocket Launch: Cape Canaveral, Florida. For a cargo delivery mission to the International Space Station.

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