AuxFi WiFi for Celestron Telescopes

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AuxFi is a wireless WiFi adapter for Celestron GoTo mounts.

AuxFi connects to the AUX port on the mount and is designed to quickly aim the telescope using mobile devices and PCs.

No external power or battery is required to use this WiFi adapter.

If your Celestron telescope does not have an additional AUX port, you can order the Aux Port Splitter for Celestron, a compatible 6-pin splitter for splitting the hand controller connection port. The following models are currently known to have no AUX port: LCM series and AS-GT (CG-5) Advanced GT series.

Compatibility Information – AuxFi WiFi Module is compatible with the following Celestron mounts:
Advanced VX
Astro Fi
CG-5 (requires CG-5 Aux splitter cable)
CPC Deluxe HD
Nexstar GT (2015 models and newer with Aux splitter cable)
NexStar Evolution
NexStar SLT
NexStar SE
SkyProdigy (no automatic alignment)

AuxFi WiFi Module is NOT compatible with the following Celestron mounts:
NexStar i Series
NexStar GPS
Ultima 2000
early generation GoTo mounts (such as Compustar)

How to start:
1. Connect the WiFi AuxFi adapter to the AUX port on the mount (before powering on the telescope).
2. Turn on the telescope.
3. Turn on Wi-Fi mode on your mobile device and connect to the SSID – “AuxFi”. When connected, the device asks for a password. The default password is “12345678”.

Setting up and controlling a Celestron telescope using SkySafari 6 or SkySafari 7:
1. Download the SkySafari 6 or SkySafari 7 application. Important: Do not download the basic edition of ‘SkySafari’. The non-plus/non-pro does not feature the telescope control capability needed for AuxFi.
2. Once downloaded, open SkySafari. In the main menu go to “Settings”. Scroll down to the “Telescope” section and click “Setup”.
3. Select the type of equipment used “Scope Type – Celestron WiFi” and the type of mount, depending on your setting “Mount Type – “Equatorial Goto (German)" or “Alt-Az. Go to “. Confirm “Communication – Direct Connect” is the type of wireless connection selected.
4. Exit the settings menu, and in the main menu select the telescope icon. Then click “Connect and Align” to begin and complete the alignment.

If done correctly, you will hear a pleasant sound, and a crosshair with concentric circles will appear on the screen, indicating the direction the telescope is pointing. On the sides of the app there will be arrow buttons that allow you to move the telescope from your phone. While observing, feel free to walk away from the scope with your phone if need be. When near the scope again, tap “connect” to reconnect back to the scope to continue observing.

You can now point the telescope at objects using the SkySafari object database. For more information on how to use all the features of the SkySafari software, visit the SkySafari official website. If necessary, SSID (username) and password can be changed to individual ones. To do this, open the SkySafari application, go to the “Communication Settings” section and select the menu – “Configure Access Point”.

Happy observations and clear dark skies!  Thank you for choosing AuxFi.


1 year USA Warranty.