Evolution Revolution kit for Celestron Evolution Telescopes

Evolution Revolution kit for Celestron Evolution Telescopes

Revolution Imager

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The perfect set of accessories for owners of Celestron Nexstar Evolution Telescopes.

This kit includes:

  • Celestron Piggyback Mount - this mount attaches to the rear of your Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope and provides you with a standard 1/4" camera and accessory mount.
  • Ball-head mount - this ball-head mount attaches to the piggy back mount and the Revolution Imager 7" LCD monitor, allowing you to conveniently attach the 7" monitor to the top of your telescope and lets you adjust it perfectly for your viewing comfort.
  • USB power adapter  - This power adapter lets you power the Revolution Imager camera and LCD screen from the USB power port provided by the Nexstar Evolution series of telescopes. 


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"Evo-Revo" Kit