Meade #620 16

Meade #620 16" Dew Shield


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Meade Model 620 Dew Shield for 16" LX200 and LX600. Inhibits the deposition of dew on the lens surface in climates prone to high nighttime moisture in the air. Attaches and detaches from front lens cell of the 16" LX200-ACF/LX600-ACF in moments. Locks securely onto the front of the telescope with three nylon thumbscrews.

In moist climates water particles suspended in the atmosphere may condense on the front surface of the telescope's correcting plate. This dew formation may be inhibited significantly allowing greater observing time by the attachment of a dew shield, essentially a tube extension.

The high quality materials and finish are identical to the main tube of the telescope and the use of counterweights is recommended due to its weight and distance from the declination (vertical) axis. Fits onto the front lens cell of all 16"LX600 and 16" LX200 models including 16" LX200-ACF, LX200GPS, and LX200 "Classic" Schmidt-Cassegrain models.

Note: Finish is in Meade blue powder coat textured finish matching current production LX80, LX90, and LX200 models. Older type gloss finish shown in photo.