Askar FRA 400


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The Askar FRA Quintuplet series telescope is a top-of-the-line astrograph that can be easily transported. Designed for astrophotography sessions, it delivers high-quality flat-field images thanks to its built-in flat field correction feature. The telescope features a unique Petzval-like quintuplet design, utilizing two extra-low dispersion ED glass lenses on its 72mm f/5.6 refracting optical tube, providing a 44mm image circle with full-frame imaging support. This design effectively controls and reduces chromatic aberration. The OTA also features a retractable dew shield and a 3" rack-and-pinion, high-precision focuser that includes a 360-degree rotator, allowing for easy camera or accessory rotation. The focuser's fine focus adjustment makes it perfect for astro-imaging or visual observation.