Askar V

Askar V


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The Askar V is a unique type of telescope that uses a customizable and adaptable design, consisting of two different objective lenses. This triplet APO refractor comes with interchangeable 60mm and 80mm lenses, along with a reducer, flattener and extender, giving users the flexibility to adjust the focal length to suit their individual needs. Both lenses have a triplet APO configuration, and two of them are made from ED glass, which helps eliminate chromatic aberration and produces clearer images. The Askar V has a simple yet powerful design, with an attractive ivory white and silver color scheme that showcases its quality and craftsmanship.


  Aperture size: 60mm Aperture size: 80mm
  Focal length Focal ratio Focal length Focal ratio
+V Reducer 270mm f/4.5 384mm f/4.8
+V Flattener 360mm f/6 495mm f/6.18
+V Extender 446mm f/7.43 600mm f/7.5


OTA Parameters V60 mode V80 mode
Aperture size: 60mm 80mm
Focal length: 360mm 500mm
Focal ratio: f/6 f/6.25
Objective lens: Triplet air-spaced APO (including two ED glasses)
Distance from the 2" adapter to the focal plane with the focuser barrel retracted: 150mm 139.7mm
Total length (without accessories): 318.5mm 411mm (with the dew shield contracted) 479mm (with the dew shield fully stretched)
Total Weight (Including tube ring & dovetail plate): 2.86kg 3.44kg
Rear-end adapter type: 2” adapter, 1.25” adapter