Celestron StarSense AutoGuider - 94008

Celestron StarSense AutoGuider - 94008


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The Celestron StarSense Autoguider: An All-in-One Solution

The StarSense Autoguider from Celestron is an all-in-one solution that makes using your telescope easier and more rewarding than ever. This powerful and compact device connects to your Celestron mount to enhance its pointing accuracy and help you create sharp, long-exposure images with ease. Whether you're an experienced astrophotographer or just starting in the hobby, adding this game-changing accessory will ensure you have more quality time under the stars. Check out the video below for additional information!

Works with Your Current Setup

You choose how you want to control your StarSense Autoguider. It works with your NexStar+ hand controller, CPWI telescope control software via a wired PC connection or WiFi (with a WiFi-enabled mount or the SkyPortal WiFi Module accessory). The autoguider also works with the rest of your Celestron accessories for a seamless solution that fits in perfectly with your telescope setup.

Many users find that adding StarSense Autoguider to their setup improves accuracy so dramatically that they no longer need to polar align their German equatorial mounts for most casual observing and imaging. But if you want to achieve the best accuracy possible, the autoguider dramatically simplifies the polar alignment process. Simply follow the on-screen instructions on the hand control or in the CPWI software and you can complete a full polar alignment in less than five minutes.

StarSense Autoguider works with most current Celestron computerized mounts, both German equatorial and altazimuth. See the Compatibility section below for full compatibility details.


Automatic Alignment and Precise GoTo
The StarSense Autoguider aligns your telescope to the night sky in about three minutes with the press of a button--no user input needed! The patented StarSense technology by Celestron can "see" star patterns and match them to its internal database to automatically orient the telescope. In addition, Precise GoTo places celestial objects in the center field of the telescope, even if you're using a high-powered eyepiece or small image sensor.


Four Element Optical Design and Sony IMX290-DLL Mono CMOS Sensor
The StarSense Autoguider features a high-quality, 4-element optical design devised by the famed optical designer Mark Ackermann. Its unique design delivers sharper images. The optical tube is threaded to accept 2" astronomical filters. Add an IR-pass filter to align your mount in twilight or a neutral density filter for daytime focusing (both sold separately). The device also includes an onboard computer and a highly sensitive Sony IMX290-DLL monochrome CMOS image sensor, all working together to provide exceptional guiding accuracy. You can even view a live image from the camera via your PC if desired.


As the table image on the left shows, the Celestron StarSense Autoguider is compatible with the Advanced VX, CGX, CGX-L, CPC, CPC DX, NexStar Evolution, NexStar SE series, and CGEM II mounts. This autoguider is not compatible with the NexStar SLT, Astro Fi, SkyProdigy, or LCM series mounts.