Sky-Watcher Esprit 150ED Triplet Super Apo Refractor - S11430

Sky-Watcher Esprit 150ED Triplet Super Apo Refractor - S11430


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  • Triplet super-apochromatic design
  • Three-element, air-spaced optical assembly virtually eliminates false color
  • 150mm aperture, 1050mm focal length, f/7 focal ratio
  • 3.4-inch dual-speed rack-and-pinion, Helinear track focuser
  • Rolled steel optical tube with white, glossy finish
  • Included accessories: field flattener, tube rings, D-style dovetail, 8x50 right-angle finderscope, M48 camera adapter, 2-inch dielectric diagonal, and padded hard case

Designed with the discerning astrophotographer in mind, Sky-Watcher’s top-of-the-line Esprit refractors deliver the kind of imaging performance one would expect from telescopes costing thousands of dollars more. With the Esprit’s three-element, air spaced objective lens design, false color is virtually eliminated, yielding exceptional contrast and sharpness. Each element is fully multi-coated with Sky-Watcher’s proprietary Metallic High-Transmission Coatings (MHTC)™, producing a transmission rate that rivals any refractor on the market. 

In addition to superb optics, all Esprits feature exclusive dual-speed, Helinear track focusers, which provide smooth, rock-solid focusing with zero image shift. Using a captain’s wheel design all focusers can be rotated, giving astrophotographers flexibility when framing their image. 

As is customary, Sky-Watcher supplies everything you need to get out under the stars, including a 2-element field corrector, which guarantees a flat field across the entire imaging plane. All Esprit refractors also come with an 8x50 right angle finderscope, 2-inch Star diagonal, M48 camera adapter, mounting hardware, and padded case.