Revolution Imager R2

Revolution Imager R2

Revolution Imager

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Revolution Imager is excited to announce our Revolution Imager R2- In the continuation of what started at Revolution Imager to bring Astronomical Observing and imaging an easier and more affordable solution we introduce the R2. Bring the excitement of deep sky observing and imaging home to your back yard.


Plug it in and "see" through your telescope

With our Revolution imager, all you have to do is make some simple connections and you can use the power of the most modern technology to see on the included color monitor the mountains, valleys and seas of The Moon. Easily change the exposure of the video camera and seamlessly go to seeing the reds and greens of Nebulosity or even the spiral arms of The Whirlpool Galaxy. All from your backyard using the amazing sensitivity of the most modern Sony imaging chips and built in live automated video processing. You will be blown away at what even the most modest tracking telescopes will show you in just a few seconds of exposure! 


The Revolution Imager also allows you to see for yourself some of the most awesome astronomical objects that appear in the news without the hubble telescope, but with your telescope in your backyard, for example:

  • Asteroid 2015-TB145 which made a close buzz by Earth was captured with a 4" telescope in a suburban backyard.
  • Star KIC8462852 which has seen a lot of press due to the theories surrounding it's interesting light pattern was captured with a 6" telescope in the same backyard.
  • ... and thousands of Messier and "NGC" catalog objects! Here's some example images: