Revolution ONE - USB Video Astronomy Kit

Revolution ONE - USB Video Astronomy Kit

Revolution Imager

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A RealTime' Revolution for USB Video Astronomy!

Partnering with camera manufacturer Touptek we're proud to offer a great bundle of everything you need to get started with this exceptional camera (except a computer!) at a great price introduction price of $399.00 with coupon code FIRSTLIGHT and currently in-stock and delivered to your door in the USA in 2-3 days with full USA 90 days warranty from Revolution Imager. 

This camera features Sony's IMX287 large pixel (an incredible 6.9 microns) low-noise CMOS sensor. The larger pixels and low noise make this camera sensitive beyond belief, capturing those valuable photons of the deepest deep sky objects in a matter of seconds. This camera offers the closest "live" analog video astronomy experience over a modern USB interface. The camera is also entirely powered by your computer's USB port, so just a single cable is required for usage. All images shown here were taken on an 8" SCT telescope using the bundled focal reducer with single exposures of less than 3 seconds! NO STACKING!

As with our Revolution Imager 2 bundle, everything required (except the computer!) is included in this bundle: the camera, cable, software, focal reducer, IR filter and carrying case.

The camera comes bundled with Touptek's Toupsky software which full of features such as live stacking, histogram controls, dark field correction and time lapse recording. The camera is has an ASCOM driver meaning you can use it with other software, such as the excellent Sharpcap. 

Our unique bundle includes:

  • Touptek IMX287 Camera featuring
    • 720x540 pixel resolution, comparable to the Revolution Imager R2
    • Full Color Sensor
    • Standard ST-4 guiding interface
    • Long exposure capabilities
    • Sensor chamber is protected with anti-reflection glass.
    • over 500 frames per second when using USB3.0 for planetary imaging
  •  .5x Focal Reducer, giving you a wider field-of-view and drastically reducing exposure times
  • Removable 1.25" IR filter to make your planetary images sharp
  • Padded storage case
  • Standard USB 3.0 A-B cable
  • Autoguider Cable
  • CDROM with software and drivers for Windows systems. Mac and Linux systems are support but the ToupSky application does not contain all the features of the Windows version (such as Live Stacking and Dark Field correction)

 In stock and all shipped from the USA and to your door via USPS in 2-3 Days!