Meade Series 4000 Color Filter Set #2 #07529

Meade Series 4000 Color Filter Set #2 #07529


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Meade Series 4000 Color Filter Set #2 #07529. Meade Series 4000 Color Filters permit observation and photography of planetary surface detail that is often virtually invisible without filtration. Choose the filter or filter set that best meet your needs and see what you have been missing! Use filters individually or stacked to achieve selective filtration of the visual color spectrum.

Manufactured from the finest optical glass, each filter has its color spectrum dyed into the glass instead of being done with inferior color coatings. All filters are anti-reflection coated on both sides of the glass for the highest performance and are threaded for and compatible with all Meade Series 4000 and Series 5000 eyepieces.

Color filters are considered by many to be an essential "must have" for observing and imaging the Moon and planets. The Series 4000 Color Filter Set #2 includes the following filters:

#11 Yellow-Green (78% Transmission) - this filter contrasts with red and blue features on Jupiter, and Saturn, darkens the maria on Mars, and clarifies the Cassini division in Saturn's rings.

#25A Red (14% Transmission) - this filter blocks blue and blue-green for sharp contrast in Jupiter's cloud belts, helps define polar caps and maria on Mars, and is for telescopes 8" plus.

#47 Violet (3% Transmission) - this filter strongly rejects red, yellow and green, for study of Martian polar caps, the atmosphere of Venus, Saturn's rings, and is for telescopes 8" plus.

#82A Light Blue (73% Transmission) - this filter is useful on the moon, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn, adds contrast without robbing image brightness, and is a valuable filter for stacking.