Sharpstar 0.84x Reducer for 50EDPH Refractor


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This specialized 0.84x reducer by Sharpstar is crafted explicitly for use with the 50EDPH APO refractor. Incorporating this reducer into your imaging setup is bound to elevate the overall imaging experience with your 50EDPH!

When seamlessly attached to your 50EDPH OTA, the 0.84x reducer effectively reduces the Sharpstar 50EDPH's focal ratio to f/4.6, along with shortening the focal length to 230mm. Not only does it achieve these adjustments, but it also provides field flattening capabilities. The resulting shorter focal ratio imparts a broader field of view and facilitates faster exposure times. These attributes render the 50EDPH well-suited for imaging swift celestial objects, star clusters, and expansive nebulae areas.