Sharpstar 50EDPH APO Refractor OTA


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Compact yet powerful, the Sharpstar APO refractor of the EDPH series embodies impressive capabilities in a petite form. With a mere length of 7.7" and a weight of 2.2lbs, this OTA seamlessly integrates into your travel gear, becoming an ideal companion for any astronomical adventure. The inclusion of three lens elements and premium ED glass ensures impeccable color correction and clarity, elevating its astrophotography performance.

Beyond its portability and imaging prowess, this telescope accommodates visual observation as well. Attach an eyepiece to explore nebulae, galaxies, and more, adding a dynamic dimension to your stargazing experience.

The Sharpstar 50EDPH boasts a 50mm aperture and a wide field of view of 275mm, resulting in a swift f/5.5 focal ratio. This configuration facilitates the rapid collection of a significant amount of light during observation. To enhance its astrophotography capabilities, a specially designed 0.84x Reducer is provided, ensuring a flat and even field in an APS-C sized frame. The telescope also comes equipped with a 1.25" adapter for added versatility, enabling the attachment of a diagonal and eyepiece to capture captivating views of celestial objects. With meticulously crafted optics within its compact design, the Sharpstar 50EDPH stands out as an excellent addition to your astronomy gear.