Sharpstar 94EDPH Reducer Corrector Lens 0.8x


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The Sharpstar 2.5" 94EDPH F/4.4 reducer/flattener represents cutting-edge innovation in dedicated full-frame focal reducers. Specifically engineered to complement the Sharpstar 94EDPH apochromatic refractor, this 0.8x reducer and flattener caters to the exacting requirements of astrophotographers utilizing cameras with up to full-frame sensors, facilitating wide-field deep-sky imaging by reducing the 94EDPH's effective focal length to 414mm.

Constructed with a quadruplet air-spaced design and generous optics, this focal reducer achieves exceptional field flatness and illumination across a 50mm image circle, effectively mitigating edge-of-field illumination issues.

One end of the reducer features an M74×1 thread for seamless integration with the pinion focuser, while the other end utilizes an M48×0.75 thread to connect to the camera or a 48mm T-ring for DSLRs. The focal plane sits at a distance of 55mm from the end interface.

Additionally, the reducer boasts a built-in 360-degree rotator, facilitating effortless camera rotation for optimal image framing. An internal M48x0.75 female thread accommodates standard 2" filters, enhancing versatility and convenience.


  • Telescope Compatibility: Sharpstar 94EDPH
  • Reduction Factor: f/4.5 (0.8x)
  • Image Circle Diameter: 44mm
  • Lens Type: Triplet
  • Largest Diameter: 88mm
  • Back Focus: 55mm
  • Total Length: 105mm (including M48 thread)
  • Surface Coating: Fully Multi-Coated
  • Weight: 0.67kg