SkyRaider RiderShoe

SkyRaider RiderShoe


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The SkyRaider RiderShoe for SkyRaider 66m or 80mm refractor telescopes.

This SkyRaider adapter will allow you to mount a variety of accessories to the SkyRaider telescopes.  Any of your favorite accessories such as the ASiair Plus, a 30mm-50mm Guide Scope, or Finder/Red Dot Scope.

Included is one RiderShoe, pre-applied double sided sticky tape, and one HD bolt for mounting to SkyRaider.


To mount the S.R.R.S.  

You will need a small flat head screwdriver and a 4mm allen key.

Remove the appropriate flat head screw from your SkyRaider telescope.

Remove the layer protecting the sticky tape on the RiderShoe.

We recommend you mount the RiderShoe so the thumbscrews face away from the center of the telescope, this will allow for easy finger access when you need to tighten the thumbscrews on the adapter.

Place the adapter on the telescope and line up the mounting hole on the SkyRaider in the middle of the channel of the RiderShoe, press down on the adapter firmly against the telescope once aligned.

Insert the HD bolt and tighten with a 4mm allen key.

Press down on the RiderShoe and keep the adapter straight while securing with confidence until the bolt feels nice and tight.

You are done installing your SkyRaider RiderShoe!


The SkyRaider 66mm allows for ONE RiderShoe.

The SkyRaider 80mm allows for TWO RiderShoes.