Smart DewHeater & Power Controller 4x -94036


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  • Using real-time data, the controller provides just enough heat to prevent dew from forming, prolonging battery life
  • “Smart control” system monitors ambient temperature and humidity and adjusts power to four dew heaters automatically
  • Compatible with Celestron Dew Heater Rings and third-party heating bands or straps (with thermistor accessory)
  • Also provides power management for your entire setup with four 12V DC power output ports (one with variable voltage)
  • Integrated USB 3.2 hub with three powered USB Type A ports allows you to connect all your devices to your computer with only one cable
  • Works with your Celestron telescope’s hand control or CPWI telescope control software so you can view data and make manual adjustments
  • Mounts securely to your telescope's dovetail or tripod leg
  • Durable metal housing features an integrated cooling fan to protect the controller’s electronics

Work smarter, not harder, when it comes to combating dew. The Smart DewHeater and Power Controller 4X prolongs your battery life by optimizing power usage for up to four dew heaters. The controller gathers and analyzes information in real time to warm your optics just enough to prevent dew.

The Smart DewHeater and Controller comes with four ports to control four dew heaters at once. You can use one port to heat your optical tube while the others warm a second optical tube, a guide scope, an eyepiece, or another accessory. The controller is also a complete power management solution for your telescope. It offers four 12V DC output ports to power a variety of 12V DC devices, such as your mount, focus motor, and camera. One of the ports has variable voltage, which you can adjust from 3V to 12V. In addition, the controller features three powered USB ports.

The Smart DewHeater and Controller works seamlessly with Celestron’s Dew Heater Rings, which have a built-in thermistor to provide temperature readings of the corrector lens. Third-party dew heater bands or straps are also compatible; you simply need to add Celestron's Thermistor for Smart DewHeater and Controllers (sold separately).

Smart DewHeater and Power Controller 4X comes complete with:

  • Smart DewHeater and Power Controller 4X
  • Tripod leg strap
  • Controller power cable
  • Power cable for external 12V DC device
  • AUX cable for connecting to Celestron mounts
  • Thermistor extension cable to attach to Celestron’s Dew Heater Ring