Thermo kNight Heated Gloves

Thermo kNight Heated Gloves


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Being warm never goes out of style!

Thermo kNight™ AA battery powered Gloves features a durable water resistant nylon outer shell with soft fleece-lined interior. Embedded into each finger and inside the glove is our patented infrared carbon fiber heating element. Being warm never goes out of style! Keeping your hands warm not only makes a harsh environment more comfortable but can also make the difference in many “mission critical” work environments. Sometimes being able to give 100% requires a little more warmth, and if that means being more comfortable, well we won’t tell your friends how toasty warm your hands are if you don’t!


Why Thermo kNight™ is different

Our Patented Next Generation technology of Carbon Fiber type Heating Element provides greater long wavelength heat energy with lower power consumption meaning you can stay out longer with less weight, more added durability all while being more environmentally friendly. Space age materials allow you to take your adventure to new heights. Learn more about the patented technology behind Thermo kNight™.

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