VMC110L Reflector - 26052

VMC110L Reflector - 26052

Vixen Optics

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This is a compact optical tube, with features found on Vixen's higher end telescopes. Suitable for viewing the night sky or birds in far off trees.

The Vixen VMC110L Reflector, is a 110 mm (4.33 inch) aperture modified Cassegrain f/9.4 optical tube assembly. The VMC110L includes a built in slide mirror. Install 2 different eyepieces and change views easily. Or, attach your camera to one and an eyepiece to the other and capture images with ease.

With no corrector plate, the VMC110L features a small corrector lens ahead of the secondary mirror. The curved mirror braces reduce the effect of light diffraction.

  • Compact optical tube with VMC optical system having a meniscus in front of a secondary mirror
  • Curved secondary mirror braces help to cut down diffraction
  • Buit-in flip mirror allows installation of two different power eyepieces or for astro photography