ZWO AM3 with Tripod


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This package from ZWO includes the AM3 Harmonic Drive EQ/AZ Mount Head and the TC40 Carbon Fiber tripod. ZWO has provided the perfect solution for those astrophotographers looking for a convenient and portable equatorial mount that can operate at peak performance without the need for counterweights! With a traditional EQ mount, it can be difficult to keep balance in RA and DEC directions while being difficult to carry and store. The AM3 Harmonic Drive EQ mount has a large load capacity of 17.6 lb. (8kg) without a counterweight and 28.6 lb. (13kg) with a counterweight (not included) while only weighing in at 8.6 lb. (3.9kg). Stability is essential for operation, and ZWO found a way to balance portability with functionality with the AM3 mount.

The internal structure of the AM3 Harmonic Drive EQ Mount is optimized with the strain wave gear reducer and synchronous belt. This optimization brings more accurate control and a fantastic reduction ratio of 300:1. In addition to having a large load capacity without needing counterweights, the AM3 mount is considered multi-functional and can be used as both an equatorial and alt-azimuth mount. To add to its versatility, the AM3 can be controlled using either the included hand controller or WiFi/Bluetooth.