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For a limited time when you purchase the Askar FRA with the ZWO AM5N/AM3 (with Tripod), receive $50 off!

ZWO AM3 & AM5N Equatorial Mount with Harmonic Drive Gears
With the Harmonic Equatorial Mount AM3, ZWO offers a transportable mount for astrophotography. The mount weighs less than 4 kg and carries telescopes up to 8 kg & AM5N carries 13kg without counterweight. With counterweight and the counterweight rod (not included) the mount can even carry telescopes up to 13 kg. Several years of development and various patents have gone into this exciting mount.

Many functions and easy operation
Can be operated in equatorial or azimuth mode. For astrophotography, the equatorial mode is used. The mount must be aligned as accurately as possible with the celestial pole. For visual observing or lunar and planetary photography, the altazimuth mode is sufficient. The mount is then ready for use in a few minutes. The status indicator always shows in which mode the mount is: Red represents equatorial mode and green represents altazimuth mode.

No more counterweights needed
Normally, German equatorial mounts need counterweights to balance the telescope weight. This is the only way to ensure proper operation. Uses a harmonic drive from the robotics industry, it does not require counterweights up to a telescope weight of 8 kg. This makes the AM3 lighter, more compact and easier to operate. Only for heavier telescopes we recommend counterweights to keep mount and tripod in balance.

Smooth tracking is guaranteed
ZWO checks and measures every AM3 mount before delivery and guarantees a periodic error ("PE") of less than +/-20 arc seconds. The periodic error occurs very slowly, so that the autoguider has enough time to correct it. Of course, the mount has an ST-4 autoguiding interface. Via ASIAir or other software the PE can also be reduced electronically.

Useable anywhere on Earth
As you would expect from a true travel mount, the AM3 can be used anywhere on Earth, from the equator to the poles. The mount has room in any flight baggage.

No more cables thanks to WiFi
All functions of the mount can be controlled via smartphone. Of course, the AM3 works especially well with ASIAir from ZWO. With ASIAIR, everything from the camera to autoguiding to the mount can be controlled via app using a smartphone or tablet. The mount can also be operated with the handbox without a smartphone. The handbox also works wirelessly, of course.


Quick Overview

  • ASKAR FRA400 Quintuplet refractor with 72mm aperture and f/5.6 focal ratio, ideal for wide-field imaging of the deep sky
  • Petzval design ensures flat field across 44mm image circle, while two ED elements virtually eliminate chromatic aberration
  • Rotatable 3” rack-and-pinion focuser, M68-M48 adapter, 2” adapter ring, and 1.25”-2” adapter
  • Includes mounting rings, Vixen-style dovetail, and carrying handle

Quick Overview

  • ASKAR FRA500 Quintuplet refractor with 90mm aperture and f/5.6 focal ratio, ideal for wide-field deep sky imaging
  • Petzval design ensures flat field across big 55mm image circle, while two ED elements virtually eliminate chromatic aberration
  • Rotatable 3.5” rack-and-pinion focuser and four element threaded conical adapter
  • Includes mounting rings, Losmandy-style dovetail, carrying handle, and hard case