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smaller and lighter profile compared to the ASIAIR Plus while offering comparable capabilities. It inherits many of the Plus model's features, such as live stacking (excluding ASI6200), video mode (excluding DSLR), multi-target mode, Dual band antenna, and 20m Wifi coverage. Designed for users seeking swift setup and streamlined functionality, the ASIAIR Mini presents an ideal choice.

Key Features:

  • Remarkably portable, with dimensions 42% smaller and weight 21% lighter than the Plus model.
  • Enables wireless imaging, allowing control of ASI or DSLR cameras via phone or tablet.
  • APP Power Monitoring feature provides real-time monitoring of voltage, temperature, and power status for optimal performance.
  • Simplifies setup with integrated control of mount, camera, guide, EAF, and EFW processes.
  • Facilitates quick and efficient focusing, polar alignment, and other tasks to expedite astroimaging sessions.
  • Equipped with four USB 2.0 ports for connecting peripherals like the EAF and guide camera.
  • Includes a DSLR shutter release port and four DC 12V output ports for camera, mount, or accessory connections.
  • Features a USB Type-C port for direct file export to a computer and powering the ASIAIR Mini with a 5V@0.5A supply.
  • Power indicator lights on the side ensure operational status for WIFI, SYS, and Power.
  • Constructed with lightweight aluminum for durability and portability.
  • Comes with a comprehensive accessory package including extension cables and a quick guide.