Mercury Elongation

On March 6th Mercury is at its greatest eastern elongation. This is a great time to see the innermost planet in our solar system. Search for it in the morning sky close to the eastern horizon before sunrise.

Mercury's orbit is the closest to the Sun making it very difficult to observe because of the Sun's powerful rays. It is observable for only a few days each time it reaches greatest separation from the Sun. These moments are referred to as an elongation. These elongations repeat roughly once every 3–4 months and take place alternately in the morning and evening skies, depending whether Mercury lies to the east of the Sun or to the west.

Be sure to catch a glimpse of this elusive planet on the morning of March 6th . Look East in the morning before sunrise.

Also at the end of the month March 28th, Venus will reach its greatest brightness in its 2021 evening apparition. It will be shining brightly at mag -3.9.

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