Space Schedule September

Sept. 1: Asteroid 2011 ES4 will make a close flyby of Earth, passing by at a safe distance of 0.0005 AU, or 46,000 miles (75,000 kilometers). 

Sept. 2: The full moon of September, known as the "Harvest Moon."

Sept. 6: The waning, gibbous moon will make a close approach to Mars in the early morning sky. 

Sept. 11: Neptune is at opposition. See article above, now is the best time all year to look! 

Sept. 14: The waning crescent moon will be in conjunction with Venus, Look for the two above the eastern horizon before dawn. 

Sept. 17: New moon

Sept. 22: Happy equinox! Autumn arrives in the Northern Hemisphere while the Southern Hemisphere will have its first day of Spring. 

Sept. 25: The waxing, gibbous moon will be in conjunction with Jupiter, and it will be in conjunction with Saturn. Look for the three in the evening sky.