Star Party! & Saturn at Opposition

Star Party! & Saturn at Opposition

The illustration above(not to scale) portrays the opposition of Saturn which will happen this month on June 27th! In actuality, Saturn is roughly 10 times farther from the sun than the Earth. Despite it's relative distance, Saturn is the farthest easily observable planet! It's gassy diameter with rings stretches over 20 times the diameter of Earth. Opposition presents us a unique opportunity for observation and photography of this planet because it will be visible all night from dusk until dawn, and it is the closest it can be to us before Earth starts moving ahead in a faster orbit around the sun. 

If you have never observed Saturn before, it is a breathtaking experience that everyone should see! With a medium power telescope, the rings and moons of Saturn are easily visible and stunning! We are having an incredible sale on our Nexstar SE series of telescopes that would be perfect for viewing Saturn and many other celestial events for years to come. We will have these and many other telescopes set up at our star party set for June 9th at Irvine lake. Give us a call with your Questions! We are here to serve the amateur astronomy community. 1-888-471-9991


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